Expert Underwriting

What does that really mean? To the Holmdel Agency, it means EVERYTHING! The difference between thinking you have underwriting expertise, and ACTUALLY possessing it is measurable in one simple way – whether or not our agents end up placing their cases! Our expertise in this area starts with our extensive knowledge of medical conditions, medications and other similar information. We have dealt with almost every conceivable medical impairment multiple times, and know what matters to get those impairments underwritten in the most favorable manner.

But it by no means ends there…

We know what to say, and how to say it. It’s tough to put it any more clearly than that. Lot’s of BGA’s have similar technical underwriting knowledge, but few can communicate as eloquently as we do with underwriters.


Underwriters at all carriers are also aware of our reputation for integrity. We focus on helping our agents write quality insurance business in a professional and expert manner with our carrier partners. Our steadfast refusal to engage in the various and questionably ethical “concepts of the day” in the insurance industry has only highlighted this among underwriters and carrier executives. It is MOST CERTAINLY a primary reason why we continue to regularly negotiate offers our competitors can only dream of securing!